Handwritten lyrics from Lighthouse album (very limited)

from marjanasemkina

As the title suggests, i'm making personalised handwritten lyrics sheets for you, written in silver ink on parchment. Each one will be signed, come with a photo printed from the film and iamthemorning postcard.

Unfortunately, making these is very time consuming, therefore, the pricing. But i'm doing it for a good cause, i'm leaving Russia in September and have to save up everything i can to make visas for Iceland and the UK (this one costs 3k pounds....). It's sweet of you to be reading this anyways cause this means you're interested in whatever it is we do. Sending good vibes form Russia x

ships out within 10 days
edition of 40 

  $35 USD or more 



marjanasemkina Saint Petersburg, Russia

iamthemorning vocalist capturing memories in sounds.

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